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Top-Rated Paying PTC/PTR Programs

Screenshot of e-gold payment
» The Top PTR/PTC Site with over 100,000 members !
» Donkeymails is launched at February 3th 2005. Now less than 2 years later at November 16th 2006 we've reached our 100,000 Member!
» This Programs Has Paid Me Many Times!
» High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!
» Get Paid for Reading e-mails, clicking on ads and for signing up to programs on offer
» Complete tasks with the toolbar to earn more money
» Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!

» This Programs Has Paid Me!
» Get Paid to Manual Surf
» Paid To Click Links are 0.1 cents

» This Programs Has Paid Me!
» All links worth 0.1c up
» $0.80 CPM PTP
» 5 referral levels ~ 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
» Points auto convert to CASH monthly
» Download a free toolbar from Worldwide-Cash and earn $60 in just a few days! WOW!
» International members welcomed!
» NO MINIMUM Payouts with Egold

NEW No-Minimum Programs - automatic no-minimum payout!
Screenshot of my e-gold history

>> Automatic NO MINIMUM payout via e-gold!
>> Have Been Paid Many Times

>> This Programs Has Paid Me!

>> No-Minimum PTR site from Niggy
Domain site hacked - please hold while the admin tries to fix it

>> Payout ~ NO MINIMUM!!

>> Clicks from 0.02 cents

NEWPromising Program
»High 1 to 5 cents per ad click !
»$1 Payout to e-gold or paypal.

Average No-Minimum PTR Program

>> Payout ~ NO MINIMUM!!

>> Most clicks are 0.01 cents

Programs With Low Minimum Payouts

• Has Been Paid!
• Earn up to $50 per Offer!
• Take surveys, sample products, signup for free trials, join clubs, register for credit cards and get paid for it all.
• Easy 10 cent E-Gold payout, or Paypal $1 payout
• For every referral you refer you will gain 10% of their earned comission.
• Upgrade to premium membership and get FREE referrals.
• No Activity Needed to Earn Referral Commision!

• Has Been Paid!
• Easy 10 cent E-Gold payout, or Paypal $1 payout
• PayPal: minimum payout - 0.10$ request period - 30days
• E-Gold: minimum payout - 0.01$ request period - 0days
• MoneyBookers: minimum payout - 0.25$ request period - 30days
• WebMoney: minimum payout - 0.10$ payout fee=5% + 0.01$ request period - 30days
• Emails worth up to 1 Cents
• Paid To Clicks up to 0,5 Cents
Honest PTR From Honest WM! Low PayOut!
>> Now open for members from all countries
>> Payout ~ NO MINIMUM via e-gold!

• Has Been Paid!
• 50 cent E-Gold payout for free members!
• Very Popular Bubble Games


PTRs on Hold - Not Recommended

»Emails up to 0.25 per ad and PTCs 0.01 per click !
»$1 Payout to e-gold or paypal.
» To close March 9th 2007 for redesign.
ClickEgold - Get Paid $0.01 Instantly
Screenshot of e-gold payment
» Few Ads. Waste of time checking. » No Need To Signup! Just Click on link above, Enter Your E-gold Number and View the Ad for 15 seconds.
» This Programs Has Paid Me 2 Times. You earn 1 cent instantly paid to your e-gold per day!
» After viewing the ad (it has a 15 seconds timer) wait for a minute or two, then check your e-gold account

>> This Programs Has Paid Me!
>> No Minimum Payout
>> Paid To Click Links are 0.04 cents

Screenshots of e-gold payments received (Updated screenshot shows payments received up to 8th December 2006) - These include 2 other programs with signup links which has paid me

Dos and Don't

1) IF you are not from a search country (Ie. USA,Canada,Europe, please see each PTRs definition of search country/friendly) then dont check on searches.
2) Many PTRS have a rule which states that you must click once at lease 30 days or 2 weeks (again, depending on each PTRs rules)
3) Trying to cheat the system (ie. refer yourself) or hack will get you deleted
4) Most if not all the PTRS have a rule that states only 1 account per household/computer/ip address (again - check the terms)
5) No spamming - spamming gets you deleted of course


Nice Tool to show your ip-address together with a map of the country where that Ip is located using Google Map. - Go to this site to check the public information of a domain/website
Domain Lookup
Justmorefun - jokes

Click Here to see some Dead & Gone PTR Sites For non-paying PTRs/PTCs, Click HERE to view :-
leapcash and 5centminimum screenshots
Classical-Mail screenshots
BeaverMail screenshots


Latest Non paying PTR sites (it calls itself as globalcashclicks)
Not paying anymore? Withdrawals denied and pending.Stop working the clicks.
View Past Comments

Many PTC Sites Down and Hacked and
Dont go to site above - it tries to download a java class trojan to your computer.
Both and redirects to and my browser hangs
niggyemails has moved to
NiggyEmails - Low $3.33 payout
Many people just lost their domains. Read it up at
Administrative Message #46 from - Birthday and domain problem
-=[ 1. Back On Track ]=- was unaccessible when someone at RegisterFly stole many domains including ours. But now we have managed to recover the domain and everything is back to normal. We are sorry for the incident.
-=[ 2. PolarPTR Birthday ]=-
While the domain was down PolarPTR had its second birthday on March 4th. To celebrate this, we have put up some nice auction offers. More specials will follow. Thank you for all the members who have been with us during our journey in the GPT world.